3 Benefits of Using QuickBooks Pro For Your Business

3 Benefits of Using QuickBooks Pro For Your Business

QuickBooks Pro by Intuit is acclaimed financial accounting software and it is made especially for small to mid-size businesses, this software has excellent features for common accounting functions like accounts receivables, accounts payables, financial reporting, and credit card management. If you have still not used QB Pro, then its time you used it right away, as this software can give your business the following five benefits:

1. Better money management

The software has uniquely designed features that can enable your firm to manage your money in a better fashion. When your bills are due, you can directly print out a check from QB. This software records all your transactions and has the option of connecting your banking accounts too. Since you can view all your financial documents on a single screen, you can discard the use of paper bank statements.

2. Keep a track of expense billing

If you run a firm, then you would need to keep a track of your expenses which have to be later billed to clients. Small and large expenditures like mileage, purchases, meals, or international travel can now be efficiently recorded into QuickBooks Pro. You can even go a step further and save each expense according to the job or customer and enjoy the benefit of not having to manually reconcile your expenses.

3. Quick sales invoicing

By using QuickBooks Pro, you can save plenty of time as receipts can be quickly created at the click of a button. You can bill customers in large batches or individually and even email the invoices. This is a handy feature to employ, especially when you have to bill several customers for the same service.


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