Huanzhu Landlord _ One-handed Beggar

The old thief was also doomed, and the more he thought about it, the more he thought about it. He thought that the three little brothers saw that they had a lot of people, and they were afraid that they could not get away.

The old thief was also doomed, and the more he thought about it, the more he thought about it. He thought that the three little brothers saw that they had a lot of people, and they were afraid that they could not get away. They lured the enemy to a distance and killed them to escape. They threw them away and did not care. Looking up at the moonlight, the two swordsmen in Weinan never saw anyone coming. Only a masked woman appeared on the opposite side. Although she seemed to be a master of martial arts and swordsmanship, no one knew her background. She hurt three people and asked six women in Hukou to fight by name. At first, Li Yuhong had been famous for many years, and the six women in Hukou were afraid that they would not be their enemies. They asked for a war by name, but they were embarrassed not to go out. After a careful look, they felt that although their martial arts were high, they were not very amazing. Apart from occasionally seeing his companion flying to help him in a crisis, when the man got out of the crisis and turned around again, his posture was extremely fast, there was nothing strange about it. Just now, I only heard two new old friends of the same party talking about it. I didn't know whether Li Yuhong, the Guanzhong swordswoman, was there. Because he did not know that Li Yuhong had been secretly instructed by an expert, he had not yet done his best to rescue his own people by fighting against the enemy. As a result, he also became suspicious of the iron centipede. He felt that although the enemy had broken up for more than ten years, it was not common for him to have such a figure before. With his skill, he should not be so old. The more he thought about it, the more suspicious he became. He also thought that the two swordsmen in Weinan must have seen that there were several people who were proficient in swordsmanship on their side. They were afraid of being defeated, and they were even more afraid of having a grudge against the Kongtong Sect. A few days ago, he said that no matter what the scene was,wire nail machine manufacturers, only two brothers would come out, and he would never make an appointment to help. He had already retreated. Otherwise, before dusk, someone would see the two of them appear nearby, and there would be no reason not to do so! They were broad-minded and thought only about the good side. The men and women in the same seat said some crazy words from the side. The Kongtong Sect did not take the enemy seriously. They all said that the enemies in front of them were not worth their hands. The old dog men and women actually increased their self-confidence and became more and more arrogant. The two thieves, Zhao and Xie, saw that the old dog men and women had praised the Kongtong Sect so much that they were rare in the sky and hard to find on the ground. For one thing, they were a little unhappy. They also heard that unless the old dog with a mask and a hunchback on the opposite side was really an iron centipede, they heard that this man had practiced Gang Qi and was worth a fight. Even the masked woman might not be Li Yuhong. Although the iron centipede was famous,Coil Nail Making Machine, he saw the old dog lying on the opposite table, as if he could only put on an act. Such a hunchbacked, short and fat old man, with his own flying skills, was tired to death. Look at him but looks old and ugly, not like wearing a mask, the master only heard people say, did not recognize the true and false, then expected him to be an iron centipede wearing a mask to seek revenge, this statement may not be reliable, there are still a man, a woman and two children on the opposite side, regardless of whether he is true or false, the first provocation will come out to show off in public, let them see my teacher's ability, even if the old dog is not an iron centipede, we really come forward to fight. There is luster on the face. The two thieves consulted each other, Nail production machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and then asked for the order to fight. Wu Xiyin saw that most of the enemies on the opposite side had fallen behind. Several of those who had been defeated by him had been replaced by their accomplices, and those who had gone up again were all strong enemies. At most, the enemy was tied. Such an urgent scene, the other side has not yet come out, it can be seen that the enemy stopped here, not by the heart. Although he knew that the enemy was good at changing his appearance, if he were him, he would probably wear a mask. At this time, he felt proud and looked even less like him. He thought that there were only two enemies left. It seemed that the leader had never fought, so how powerful he was, and he could fight with these good helpers around him. I wanted to ask the party to take the exam together, but I heard that it was just to my liking. The two thieves, Zhao and Xie, were arrogant and notorious, and Tianhuatou Tuo was one of the most fierce monks in the south of the Yangtze River. The first time we met, we thought that the people whom the six women of Hukou had specially invited must be the same as those of the Kongtong Sect, which was absolutely unusual. Otherwise, in the name of the Iron Centipede, Hugh said that he would call for battle face to face. If in the past year, even if he was not confident behind his back, he would never dare to laugh, scold and despise casually. He immediately thanked him. The two thieves also deliberately showed off Shi Chuan's flying skills, but they rose from the mound in front of the main shed. In order to show his friendship, the old thief set up two small wooden platforms in the center of the square. The people who were ready to come out first explained to each other, and then went to one side. About seven or eight Zhangs away from the shed, the two thieves jumped and landed on it. As soon as the old dog men and women saw such a good method of Qinggong, they were more and more relieved. First of all, they praised it. When the two thieves heard the chorus of applause, they were even more proud of themselves. Just as they were shouting in a harsh voice, they swaggered as if no one was watching. Suddenly, they saw the old man on the opposite side falling from the mat shed. Because Lao Kang was not as bluffing as the two thieves, he was far away. Although the expert saw that the enemy was walking in a special way, his upper body did not move, and the soles of his feet were very fast. Because he was walking normally, he could not see any other depth. Xie a Xiu person is better, secretly pay attention to, see the other side of the shape of the dragon bell, clothes wide, jacket did not take off, is about to cover the feet. Just now I saw him lying on the table, talking and laughing. He looked like a hunchback. As soon as he approached, he was just big and broad, not very hunchback, and not very tall. I remembered that the master had said that the iron centipede had a leopard head and round eyes. It was taller than ordinary people. It was tall and powerful. When it was angry, its voice was like a thunderbolt. How could it be so short and broad? Concluding that it was not me, he wanted to take credit for it, so he said to Zhao Kui with a deliberate smile, "My nickname is Iron Cock, and I peck Iron Centipede. We can't fight two against one. There is also an old bitch who thinks she is the old concubine of Iron Centipede. You go to deal with her. How about I use this pair of iron claws to catch this Iron centipede and feed it to the chicken?" Lao Kang's nature was like a raging fire in the past, and he was the most upright and upright. When he was old, he washed his hands. Although he had changed his temper, the fire had receded. He had not been angry for many years, but he was extremely violent. First, I heard the two thieves call out by name. Their words were hateful,iron nail machine, and they were already enraged. Then I heard the other side say such dirty words, insulting the wife of a good friend who had been keeping chastity for many years. I could not help but arouse the fire of that year. The man was about to approach, so I went up.